Ladies ONLY Concealed Carry

This will be an extended class lasting all day instead of the normal 4 hours. This pistol course will guide you through the basics of utilizing your firearm under stress conditions and what to do if you are involved in a shooting – post shooting trauma, mind set and personal awareness.
Areas covered include: Concealed carry holsters and options, drawing from concealed carry including from a purse, ammunition selection, stance, trigger control, realistic ranges. Course includes an introduction to firearms retention techniques, close-quarter shooting, pre-fight and post-fight issues.
Ammunition Required:
200 rounds
Additional Equipment:
Along with the standard strong side carry holster, an inside-the-pants holster for your firearm is required. Please dress for the class in same clothing you would NORMALLY wear while carrying your firearm (no open toe shoes, no v neck tops).
$200 ($175 for range members)

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