This November’s election is about more than one man or one woman. It is about the direction that individual will set for all governing agencies. In addition to nominating at least one- and possibly three Supreme Court Judges, whoever is elected President will get to set policy for agencies such as the ATF, DHS, the IRS and many more.


In addition to the Presidency, many “down ballot” seats are in jeopardy to those of us who value our Second Amendment rights. A few key seats in a few key states can determine whether dangerous bills make it out of committee and are heard by the House or Senate. Closer to home, representatives sent to Tallahassee will determine the direction of legislation here in Florida.

Partnering with Ruger, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has created GunVote.org so voters can access resources and make sound, informed decisions in all of November’s races. Please go to GunVote.org to register, learn about the candidates or find your polling place.

This November promises to be the most crucial election to date. Don’t risk your rights by staying home!