Ambassador Program

Earn prizes while your friends get discounts!

What is the Ambassador program?

The Ambassador program is a way to reward you for spreading the love of shooting to new people. All you have to do is SEND or BRING a new shooter and earn credit to purchase awesome gear, range rentals and food! Each person you refer gets you one point. Bring two new people with you to shoot clays and you get a round- FREE! It’s that easy.

How do I sign up?

Simply ask the front desk to become an Ambassador. We’ll add you to the system and text you a Digital Ambassador ID Card to share with your friends so they can get a range discount as well.

How do I earn Credits?

Share your Digital ID Card with first-time shooters and they’ll receive a 30% discount on a range pass while you earn one credit for each new visitor. All they have to do is enter your Ambassador ID number into the field provided while filling out their waiver.

What can I use my credits for?

Next time you are at the range you can cash in your credit for a FREE Range pass or you can save them up and use them to purchase bigger items like Tannerite, t-shirts, gear, and even guns!  There is no limit to the number of people you can bring or send in. You don’t even need to be present to earn credits. Church groups, clubs, or family reunions- you name it. One birthday party with ten of your friends and you just earned a free Machine Gun Rental!

Sign up and start cashing in for some awesome gear today!


Can my spouse and I just share one Ambassador ID?

Absolutely. Accounts can be shared by couples living in the same household…but then you also have to share the prizes.

Choose wisely.

Can I combine my credits with another Ambassador?

Nice try. However, credits cannot be transferred between or combined with another Ambassador.

Do my credits expire at the end of the year?

Nope. They just roll over like cell phone minutes. Except we actually mean it.

Can I spend a portion of my credits on one item and save the rest?

You bet! Only those you actually redeem will be deducted from your account.

Suppose you’ve got 19 credits built up. And you bring three more new friends- that raises your total to 22. Now it’s lunch time and you want to look like Mr. Deep Pockets. Cash in eight of your credits for “lunches all around” and you still have 14 to keep for saving for a new AR.

Easy Peasy.