2 Gun

Because Two is Better than One

Put your pistol and carbine skills to the test in one competition! We’ve received a lot of requests for 2Gun, so here it is. A chance to see how well you can move, shoot, transition and generally have a 2Gun
good time! We’ll have five different stages consisting of cardboard targets for rifles and steel targets for pistol. All of our courses are designed to be challenging to the pros, but are also set up so “regular folks” can do them as well. It’s one thing to stand still and shoot….it’s another to work with two weapons!

  • Rifle targets will be cardboard and no farther than 40 yards- so iron sights or optics are fine
  • Pistol targets will be steel
  • All targets will be engaged while standing so bipods are not needed(you can leave yours on if you want)
  • Rifles will be “cleared” and placed in a barrel so slings will not be permitted
  • Pistols will be either holstered or cased
  • One 30 round rifle magazine and two pistol magazines will be all you need(you can carry spares if you want)
  • $40 in person the day of the match
  • $35 online in advance (online registration closes 24 hours prior to match start)

Register Online 

Range information

  • Eye and ear protection is required at all times in the vicinity of the Event Bays.
  • Electronic Waiver – If you have not filled out the electronic waiver after Jan, 1, 2016, save time by doing so
Firearms needed:
  • AR/AK style rifle 
  • Semi-auto pistol or revolver