Glock The Lake

Join Florida’s newest Glock Sport Shooting Foundation outdoor match, Glock The Lake! GSSF matches are designed for people who have never competed before, but are still very challenging for experienced shooters. The match consists of three courses of fire: “Five-to-GLOCK”, “GLOCK ‘M”, “GLOCK the Plates”. You can shoot in any of seven* divisions depending on the GLOCK model gun(s) that you have. For each Division you shoot, you’ll need approximately 100 rounds of ammunition. To see what the stages look like, take a moment to view the video to the right.

*Ladies may also participate in an additional Division, the GLOCK Girls Side Match. This side match is a Ladies-Only event open to females of all ages, and will run concurrently with the GSSF match.
*An additional Division is now available for the new G42s, the Pocket GLOCKS Division. This Division follows the same rules and prize distribution as the Major Sub Division.

Register Today!

You don’t have to pre-register for the match but doing so will save you some time and money on match day(There is normally a $10 registration fee for walk-in registrants). You can pre-register for the match anytime up until noon on the Wednesday just prior to the match. To pre-register, visit the GSSF Registration web page and follow the instructions. Be sure to select the Glock The Lake match in Okeechobee, FL.

Liability Form: All visitors, including minors and spectators, to the Glock The Lake host range, Okeechobee Shooting Sports, are required to complete a Liability Waiver.  To save time on match day, you may wish to complete and print the form to bring with you. Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of your visit. (ICE stands for In Case of Emergency). Also, be sure to view our Range Rules before you visit

Register for Glock the Lake

All participants must have a current GSSF membership. Memberships can be purchased on the same form used to register for the event.

We Need Your Help!

Part of what makes GSSF matches so fun and successful is that Glock relies on experienced GSSF shooters to help run the match. Thats right, YOU can be a GSSF match Range Officer. We will provide you the training before the match starts and you will be on your way to helping others have a fun a safe time! Typical Range Officer duties include running a timer, writing down scores, resetting or painting steel targets, pasting paper targets, and scheduling shooters.

Range Officers work in teams of three or more depending on the number of stage setups per bay. There will be a Range Officer Orientation Saturday morning at 8:00am and also on Sunday morning at 8:15am. At orientation, we will identify work assignments, discuss GSSF rules and answer any questions you may have. After the orientation, you’ll proceed out to your assigned bay, verify everything is properly set up, and then start running shooters.

There will be experienced GSSF Range Officers on each bay, so if you are new or inexperienced, have no fear, we won’t put you out there by yourself! We hope to have plenty of volunteers, so there will be reliefs available for breaks and lunch.

Please be sure to review the important information contained in the GSSF Range Officers Guide before match time.

Range Officer Compensation: 

The first day you show up, you’ll be given a hat, a shirt, and a form to fill out that tells us who you are and what you want for your “GLOCK Goodie”. “Goodies” are gifts that GLOCK gives you for working the match. Typical goodies are field knives, backpacks, benchmats, gun rugs, gun magazines, match entries, etc. GLOCK will mail these to you after the match. You’ll get one goodie for each day you work for a maximum of two.

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