What’s a “reactive target”?

Put simply, it’s a target that reacts to being hit in such a way as to provide immediate feedback to the user. Or- for the non-boring types, it’s a plate that falls down, an arrow that spins a dueling tree to race on, a cowbell to ring and maybe even a buffalo or two! And a whole lot of fun!

Unlike the Rifle and Pistol Ranges that are divided into individual lanes, Galleries are open bays that have an array of steel targets that allow shooters to know immediately if they scored a hit or not. There are plate racks(like the one below)…..first one to get to the middle wins! Big targets with small flappers placed 50 yards out and everything in between. There’s one gallery for rimfire and another one for pistol.

Fair warning- shooters have been known to leave with their cheeks sore from grinning. It’s just that much fun.

Rimfire GalleryOKSS_Galleries_Content1
  • Located at the end of the Pistol Range
  • Any rimfire cartridge is allowed
  • Rifle or pistol
  • No rapid fire
  • Ear and eye protection mandatory
Pistol Gallery
  • Located past the Pro-shop near the tactical bays
  • Any center fire pistol or pistol caliber carbine is allowed
  • Rapid Fire or Full Auto WELCOME!
  • Rifle Caliber carbines may be fired on paper targets only

If you’d like to set up a paper target feel free to ask one of the Range Officer’s. We’d be glad to help you out!


Upon arrival, go to the Pro Shop to sign-in.

Be sure you are ready for the range with your rifle or pistol and plenty of ammo!

  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY
  • Electronic Waiver – If you have not filled out the electronic waiver after Jan, 1, 2016, save time by doing so here.

Gallery Rates
  • Rimfire Gallery
    • $20 per shooter for the day
    • Shooters 16 and under $10 with a paid adult
  • Gallery Pass
    • Includes all three galleries for pistol, rimfire and unlimited rifle
    • $30 per shooter
    • Shooters 16 and under $15 with a paid adult