With nearly 100 acres of facilities, our public ranges REMAIN OPEN 
during events and competitions!

Okeechobee Shooting Sports is the ultimate shooting and gunsmithing destination in South and Central Florida. Along with Rifle and Pistol Ranges, our outdoor facility has five separate 5-Stand Sporting Clays fields, Trap and Skeet fields and shooting galleries. Friendly competitions for shooters of all skill levels nearly every weekend- without interfering with normal range operations!

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Why we shoot

Do you ever get that question? Fumble for answers? Or maybe you’d like to open the dialog but you are afraid to come across too strong? In the first of our four part series, Kenzie tells us why she shoots- from never having held a gun to getting totally hooked on the sport, to competing and even learning to reload her own ammo.

And if you are still struggling for answers….just share this video with your friends and bring them out. We’ll help you introduce them to this wonderful sport. Because when people ask us why we shoot….We do it because…well…it’s FUN! 

Keep an eye on this space as we’ll be posting new videos throughout the month.

It’s time for some IDPA action. This Sunday will be the last IDPA match of National Shooting Sports Month. Don’t forget- we’ve also got a classifier in the afternoon!


Need ammo? Accessories? Maybe even a new gun? Check out the online store and have it shipped for pickup at the Pro-shop free! (Current members receive special pricing. See the Pro-shop for details.)


Ready to try “Drag racing with pistols”? Steel challenge is just that. Drawing from a holster and putting rounds on target- anywhere. Learn more.


Are you ready to shoot the guns you always heard about and seen on TV? Or just looking to try a variety of shooting sports? We provide everything from shotguns to machine guns. 


National Shooting Sports Month isn’t just for the tactical crowd! Keep an eye here for more information on how you can participate and win!


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